• Ackee and saltfish
    • Jamaica’s National dish. Ackee fruit with codfish and seasonings.
  • Codfish
    • Nothing like codfish at breakfast with yam, dumpling and banana.
  • Callaloo
    • Fresh Jamaican spinach seasoned right.  A great healthy option.
  • Mackerel
    • Brined then cooked with onions, tomatoes and seasoning.
  • Kidney
    • Flavorful pieces of kidney.  Nothing else like it!
  • Liver
    • Liver and onions with provisions or fried dumpling
  • Porridge
    • Cornmeal (Daily)
      • The most well know porridge from Jamaica.  Great on a cold morning or anytime.  “Pop” or “Cog”
    • Corn Hominy (Daily)
      • Another classic Jamaican porridge.   
    • Banana
      • Just like cornmeal but with bananas for its base.
    • Bananas & Peanut   
      • Slow roasted peanuts come together with banana to form a healthy breakfast. Protein and fruit. You can’t go wrong.
  • Plantain
    • Everyone’s favorite.  Sweet and fried to perfection.
  • Codfish Fritters
    • Select pieces of boneless fish, seasoning mixed together and fried in a delicious batter.
  • Fried Dumpling
    • The best out there!  Nothing else can compare. A customer favorite.  A perfect side dish to any meal or great on its own.
  • Festival
    • Like our fried dumpling but with cornmeal and sweeter than a dumpling.
  • Saltfish
    • A classic favorite.  Just enough saltiness with onions and carrots.  Goes great with dumpling or festival.
  • Whiting
    • Popular item!!! Seasoned right with onions and carrots. Many customers state, “it’s the best fish I ever had!”
  • Kingfish
    • Select sliced round pieces from a whole kingfish seasoned and fried.

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