Lunch & Dinner


  • Oxtail
    • Our most popular item!!!  Beef oxtail perfectly seasoned with a sweet and savory sauce.  Always satisfying!

  • Jerk Oxtail
    • The Jerk counterpart of our best seller.  Adds more heat

  • Fried Chicken
    • Quality pieces of chicken fried right.  Get it with our popular sweet and sour sauce! Or like many customers with oxtail gravy!

  • Barbie Fried Chicken
    • A new instant classic! BBQ Fried Chicken straight from the island!
  • Shrimp (Curry, Garlic, Sweet & Sour, Butter)
    • Have it your way! Juicy pieces of wild shrimp prepared the way you like it! Made to order. 
  • Stew Chicken
    • Select chicken pieces come together with carrots and onions in our delicious brown stew gravy
  • Curry Chicken
    • Fresh select pieces of chicken and potatoes seasoned in a Jamaican curry sauce.

  • Jerk Chicken
    • Chicken marinated in Jerk seasoning and slow cooked until perfect!

  • Curry Goat
    • An iconic Jamaican dish.  Goat pieces seasoned in our very own curry sauce.

  • Cowfoot
    • According to our customers, “The best cowfoot in the world” Seasoned with butter beans in a flavorful sauce.

  • Stew Peas with pigtail
    • Red kidney beans with spinners (dumpling), pigtail and beef. Perfect comfort food.

  • Veggie Bean Stew
    • An offering for our vegetarian family! Bean medley with mixed vegetables :)
  • Steak
    • Our version of a classic.  A customer favorite. Made to order.
  • Brown Stew Red Snapper
    • Deep fried snapper with carrots, peppers and onions in a one of a kind brown stew sauce

  • Steamed Red Snapper
    • Freshly caught snapper made to order with island seasonings, pumpkin and carrots         


  • Soup

    • Chicken (Every day except Thursday)
      • Best Seller!!   Chunks of select cuts of chicken, with yam, dumplings, and root vegetables. An all year favorite!
    • Beef (Monday)
      • Chuck Tender pieces of beef in a tasty broth with dumplings, yam, potatoes and carrots.
    • Red Peas (Tuesday and Friday)
      • Best Seller!!   Some say it’s our best soup.  Right up there with our Chicken Soup and Goat head soup . Perfectly cooked beef with light red kidney beans. Done the right way.  
    • Pepper Pot (Wednesday)
      • Callaloo (Spinach) with beef, dumpling and root vegetables                    
    • Gungo Peas (Thursday)
      • Pigeon peas and beef. Very filling on a cold day; or on any day as a satisfying meal.        
    • Cowfoot (Thursday)
      •  Similar to our chicken soup but with Cowfoot, which adds another dimension of flavor.

    • Seafood (Friday & Saturday)
      • All of your ocean favorites (Shrimp, Crab, Calamari, Clams, Mussels, Fish) in one pot, with sweet pieces of corn on the cob added! One of a kind flavor! A NEW BEST SELLER!!!
    • Goat Head (Saturday)
      • Mannish water. Goat head pieces, yam, green banana, dumpling and root vegetables. Our most popular and best selling soup. Come early to get it.        

  • Sides

    • 3-Cheese Macaroni and Cheese
    • Steamed Cabbage with mixed vegetables
    • Raw Veg (Cabbage, Carrots, Peppers in a sweet vinegary sauce)
    • Provisions/Food (Yam, Banana, Dumpling, Potato)
    • White rice
    • Rice and Peas
      • Red Kidney and Gungo

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